Grief Work

Madhuri Marelli, P.A., M.A.

Everyone experiences loss in their lives. Loss occurs at any and potentially every age. Our heart is broken when there is loss. Cumulative, unresolved losses and the subsequent unresolved feelings, prevent us from experiencing happiness and fulfilling relationships. Grief is a normal and natural reaction to any kind of loss. Grief can manifest as many feelings and sometimes with conflicting feelings, eg. suffering, relief, freedom, fear, etc.

"With the correct information and correct choices, a person can recover from any significant emotional loss." (from The Grief Recovery Handbook, John James & Russell Friedman)

The type of loss does not determine how much grief one may experience. All relationships are unique and it is the intensity of experience of any given relationship that determines the amount or depth of grief, not the amount of time spent with the person, pet, job, house, marriage, child, etc. Other losses not ordinarily viewed as losses can be:  end of addictions, unmanifested hopes and dreams, financial changes positive or negative, graduations, marriages, abuse.

"Recovery means discovering and completing what was unfinished for you in your unique relationship." "Unresolved grief is always about undelivered emotional communications that accrue within a relationship over the course of time." (GRH, James & Friedman)

Since it is not our brain that is broken but our heart with loss, intellectual or rational thinking won't heal the wounds. What does heal is completing the unfinished aspects of all of our relationships. This is not done by categorizing stages of loss and healing, but by taking specific steps which identify and describe each loss and most of the associated feelings. This is accomplished through written and verbal processes that complete and release each relationship that has physically ended or changed. This healing process works for all relationship losses, pets as well as humans.

Within the scope of an 8-12 week course of Grief Work, (amount of classes is determined by the size of the group), the individuals in the group learn what misconceptions have been taught by well meaning or not so well meaning parents and other caregivers, and incorporated subconsciously into one's belief system. They learn why these false beliefs and behaviors don't work to heal the losses and what healthy ideas can replace them. By taking certain action steps, the emotional blocks are uncovered and released, completing all ones' past losses. Each person is given a new set of tools which can be used for the completing and healing of future losses.

These tools of grief will heal your heart and allow you to fully and healthfully participate in all of your present relationships. They will also positively impact choices made now and in future relationships. We need to be healed and whole so we can trust ourselves to love and be open again in appropriate circumstances.

The core 7 Beliefs / Misconceptions which will be addressed:

In the grief classes, each person speaks and is heard as they share their losses in a safe and sacred space. Unconditional support, confidentiality and nurturing are offered as each walks through their amazing processes. In summary, each 8-12 week course meets weekly to examine life, losses, feelings and belief systems. The emotional healing of memories is accomplished by learning new concepts and through various processes of expressing feelings and undelivered communications. Each person receives and implements new tools for releasing unhealthy thoughts and behaviors, a series of action steps to complete all losses.

The Goals of Grief Work are:

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